Everyday Liz & Red


          Hello lovelies! All of my favorite Fall shows are back! How about you? I don’t usually watch live since I am working on my Bachelors (in Creative Writing!) online and am either doing homework or trying to sleep. However, there are a couple I do watch when they air, and one of them is The Blacklist. Last night was the 2nd episode of season 3, and man was it intense. If you haven’t, I suggest you get on Netflix and start binge watching seasons 1 and 2 ASAP! James Spader is brilliant as Raymond Reddington, and Megan Boone is fantastic as Elizabeth Keen. They are an unlikely, but fabulous pair- a United States traitor and an FBI agent-connected somehow, though not even Lizzy knows the truth. GAH! You just need to watch-and if you do, tell me your thoughts!

        Anyway, I’ve been thinking about Halloween and what I would dress up as if I had anywhere to go, and these two characters were the first to pop into my mind. First, I’m really loving Lizzy’s “on the run” look. It’s still simple, just like her usual FBI style, but it’s kinda hot! I’d totally rock something like this anytime, and not just for Halloween. Check it-

Run Lizzy, Run
       I think I’d go with Reddington if I was going to dress up for Halloween if we’re going to be honest. Red is always dressed to impress, and let’s face it, that is part of his charm! I had a lot of fun putting together this outfit…Now I think I need to put this together in real life and find something to do for All Hallows Eve!
Lady Red
       I think a natural makeup look would go well with either of these-maybe a light pink/sheer lip gloss? Do you think something bolder would go better with my Lady Red outfit?
       If you were going to dress up as favorite television character, who would it be?

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