5 Fandom Friday- It’s the End of the World As We Know it…


Happy Friday my nerd loves! Life has been crazy, but that’s no excuse for not popping in and saying hello on here or writing every week! I am working on remedying that, so I’m getting back on track with October’s first 5 Fandom Friday! This week we are looking at people we’d want on our side during an Apocalypse. This was so hard for me because I want all the badasses! I came up with so many people, but narrowed it down to the following.


The Entire Fringe team- Yes, I know this does not count as just one person, but I couldn’t just pick one of them. They are a package deal. Walter is brilliant and could help with so many things. Resident scientist, he could be our medic, our milk shake concoctor (is this even a word?), and our fun maker (twizzlers, Acid…you know, good times ;p). In all seriousness though, Walter would be irreplaceable. Obviously Peter and Astrid are known for their smarts as well, but are always trained in weaponry and see some major action. And Olivia, well, I’m not sure I need to convince any of you why she’d be a necessity on the team. Depending on the type of Apocalypse we’re looking at, these folks have seen the craziest stuff, and that could really come in handy. Hey, maybe Walter could find a way to reverse the zombying effects if that’s where we’re headed! (Now, I totally think that there are many more that make up the Fringe team- I love Broyles, Nina, Charlie and Lincoln-but these four are the core.)


Captain Mal Reynolds- I mean, the man survived a war, deals with mercenaries, scorned women, and Reavers. Mal has protected his crew and passengers, even when he didn’t like some of them. The fact that he dealt with Reavers is a big plus-who knows what we’ll deal with in our own Apocalypse?! Also, he can negotiate with the best of them, which would help in acquiring supplies and the like. His wit and charm is undeniable, and it would just be a pleasure to have on my team.


Sam & Dean Winchester- I know, I know. Again more than one person, but I just can’t chose, and to me, they are one. Sam with the brains, Dean with the brawn. Well, honestly, they both have both those things. They  know how to defeat some serious adversaries (ahem…Lucifer, Leviathan), and if they don’t know, they know how to research. Plus, they kick some serious ass on a regular basis. They have both died multiple times, dealt with purgatory, and gone to hell. They have to be resourceful daily, and were trained for this life from an early age. They will be priceless in our fight against the end times!


Oliver Queen- Duh. This guy survived 5 years on a “deserted” island-and technically not that whole time was on the island as much of it was spent training with and working for A.R.G.U.S. and doing lord knows what else. He is incredibly fit and an amazing fighter. He also does crazy things with a bow, which brings more protection to our group. Not only is he physically superior, he is incredibly smart. He knows how to plan an attack, and he knows how to think like a “bad guy”. He has a tendency to be a few steps ahead, and that will be very useful.


Sydney Bristow- This chick kicked serious ass on Alias back in the day, and I think she would complement the team very well. She is strong and smart, and can disguise herself and play any part. She can also handle a weapon like a champ, and fight like a pro. She is also so very human-a caring individual who went through so much and never let it make her hard.

That’s my team friends! Who would you pick? Are you expecting a supernatural apocalypse, something medically induced (like zombies), or war and takeover? Whatever happens, make sure you have a team that can handle it!


2 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday- It’s the End of the World As We Know it…

    1. What?! I’m going to have to check out your post lady! I love Mal…he’s for real the shiz. haha! OMG Supernatural! I love the pilot! Keep watching doll; it just gets better and better. And the Supernatural fandom? THE MOST INCREDIBLE FANDOM EVER. Seriously. Check out this awesome documentary being made- https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/supernatural-fandom-the-movie#/story
      Thank you so much for your comment! I love hearing from and finding other nerdy gals on the interwebs & irl!


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