Everyday Ariel

          What’s up nerds? I’ve always enjoyed seeing “Everyday Cosplay” posts on Pinterest, and have wanted to introduce them to the blog for a while now. What is “Everyday Cosplay” you ask? Well, basically, any nerdy twist you put on an outfit! That’s how simply I see it. You are creating a “costume” that you wear everyday, instead of the super in depth character costumes you see at conventions and the like. I LOVE this whole idea for nerding up your wardrobe!
         My life has been crazy busy lately, but I sat down and had so much fun coming up with this cute “Everyday Cosplay” Ariel outfit, that I HAD to share! I love Disney, and a couple weeks ago, I saw Ariel t-shirts in two different stores, on two different days. They made me so happy, and got me so excited for Summer that I started thinking about cosplaying little miss Ariel. Voila!
 Everyday Ariel
           Purple is my favorite color, so I stuck with a “classic Ariel” look. The black bow and gladiator sandals are my little twist, and the lipstick is a must-have! Of course, I had to add the fork ring, because Ariel. I am not a huge fashion-forward gal, so I like to keep it simple, and I think this outfit does just that!
What Disney character(s) would YOU Everyday cosplay?!

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