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This came in my Loot Crate last month!! I am so not artistic, but creating my own little comic might be a lot of fun!
This came in my Loot Crate last month!! I am so not artistic, but creating my own little comic might be a lot of fun! 


I have always loved reading, but when I was younger, comic books weren’t really on my radar. It wasn’t until recently that I have wanted to delve into the comic world. I started with Batman: Year One. I love that so much of it is also Detective Gordon’s story and not just Batman’s. I honestly think I have to go back a re-read it because I was so excited and it was almost a year ago and I don’t remember everything. I want to share with you a few of the comics I have found that I am planning on reading in the coming months.

1. Pretty Deadly– I read an article last night, er, very early this morning, about the comic book publisher, Image. It prompted me to look into the many comics they put out. I got on my Kindle, opened the Comics app (oh my goodness this is my FAVORITE app) and got to searchin’! I came across this comic and for some reason it really appealed to me. I like stories with heroines at the helm, that are intense, and dark. I can’t wait to get started on this once it finishes downloading!

2. Fables– I have no idea what to expect here, but I have always liked stories that incorporate fairy tale and folklore characters, so I’m interested to see how this series unfolds. There are a lot of issues to get through, so I will probably spread this out.


3. Batman: Cacophony– This is the first Batman comic that Kevin Smith wrote. The boyfriend got me this comic book for this past Christmas because he knows how much I love Batman and Kevin Smith. I am interested to read what Kevin Smith’s Batman is like, and to read the other comics he’s written as well. I already love his movies and podcasts, I can’t imagine I won’t love the comics he writes. This right here is how much Kevin Smith loves Batman-he has an entire podcast dedicated to talking about the Caped Crusader (disclaimer-he does used some choice words, so you might use caution when listening).

4. Serenity: Those Left Behind– I love the series Firefly, and am still sad there was only one season. Luckily, Joss Whedon gave us this as the first of a few miniseries. This is definitely one that I will be reading in the next few months. I’ll take as much of my favorite Browncoats and the best damn ship in the ‘verse as I can get!

Comic books tell stories, just as television, movies, or other books do, and I love stories any way I can get them. I am really enjoying muddling through and finding new stories to read. I can’t wait to dive into the books I have listed above! What’s your favorite comic? Any suggestions for me?


4 thoughts on “Searching for Stories

  1. Hello- I love the lively feel of your blog theme. I liked the use of the lists and your individual preliminary thoughts on each selection. I would like to see the cover of each comic with each title to add some more visual elements to the posts. Will you post a review after you read these? I also think the header about the loot crate is a little misleading. The loot crate has a comic book on it but I kind of thought the post was going to be about your loot crate delivery and your comic book making. Perhaps you could even post a blog about loot crate or your finished comic book project to maybe tie it all in. All in all your post has sparked my interest in the whole comic book world. I also like the Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest menu on the right. Nice way to invite your followers beyond the blog.


    1. Hi! Thanks so much for all your suggestions! I don’t want to give to much away about my future posts, but there will for sure be some reviews once I read these books, and possibly a Loot Crate post-it’s such an awesome nerd service! Thanks again for your thoughts! Stay tuned!


  2. Ooooh! Shiny (fellow browncoat) post! First, I’ll be school professional then I’ll squeal and nerd out. I enjoyed the ease of reading structure of your blog. I’ll admit, there were a few classmates that wrote blogs on topics I was less interested but would have read if they didn’t appear to be short papers, which turned me off. This blog obviously had a topic I am interested in but aside from that, the writing form you used would have convinced me to read just about any blog on any subject. I like the variety of choices you present and the use of bolding.

    From one nerd to another, I love your subject! Comics are one genre I have not looked at but after reading this, I will give it a go! For me I nerd out by gaming, video, computer, table top, RPG, cosplay, etc. I certainly love graphic novels so it’s kind of the next natural step for me to look at comics. I love steampunk and fantasy so I’m open to your comic suggestions (Firefly will be a given!!). Thank you!

    I wish you the very best for your future classes and blogs!

    Kind Regards,

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    1. Hi Christine! Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so happy you like my blog! What you said about my writing style really means a lot (I always worry about whether or not it will be received well 😉 )
      I love finding other nerds! I am DYING to cosplay-I would love to get to a con and make my cosplay costume(s), but sadly, I am no seamstress…I haven’t really delved into steampunk, but will be going to a steampunk themed wedding this spring, so I am anxious to see what it’s all about! Thank you so much for checking out my blog! I so appreciate your thoughts and hope to see you on here again! I have also really enjoyed reading your blog-keep up the good work!



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