Becoming a Nerd

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          I owe a lot of my nerd-dom to my parents. We had lots of movie nights as kids, and I remember watching movies about Superheroes and outer space, pirates and princesses. I was encouraged to read, and loved digging deep and finding my place within their worlds. I love fantasy and mystery and classics and love stories. As I grew older, my mom and I shared books and TV shows.

        The movies we watched as kids are what started shaping the nerd in me. Star Wars was one of the first movies I remember watching as a family. I  remember my mom telling us that C-3PO was her favorite.  I wanted to be a Jedi. I’m not sure I ever told anyone that or not, it’s quite possible my brother and I pretended to be Jedi’s, but I definitely wanted to be one and carry a light saber. I mean, c’mon, you didn’t? I wasn’t outwardly obsessed with Star Wars, but it stuck with me all these years and has definitely made an impact on me.

        I LOVED The Mighty Ducks movies. They were hands down my favorite, and I was obsessed. My little brother and I even asked for Mighty Ducks jackets for Christmas one year (and got them!) I would be happy as a clam to sit through all three movies right now. I love them.

          When it comes to books, there was one series I remember reading religiously. I had SO MANY Baby-Sitters Club books! I loved them, I wanted to be them, I actually wanted to start a Baby-Sitters Club of my own, but I ended up being the only member. This gave way to my love of book series and obsessing over Harry Potter, The Hunger Games (I read those two series as an adult), and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

          Last but not least, Batman. He is my one and only. Seriously. I put no other Superhero in line with him. He’s the bees knees. I owe this to my dad, who bought the Tim Burton movies on VHS and called for a couple of movie nights. I was all Disney and princesses up until that point, which was totally fine, and I still love all things Disney to this day. But this was a game changer. I found my Superhero. That’s a big thing for a little nerd girl.

          I had lots of friends growing up that I could obsess over music with, which was amazing, and really helped shape me. For a long time though, I only shared my true “nerdiness” with my family, and really that was fine. I didn’t think much about it. I honestly didn’t call myself a nerd. I just felt I was who I was and I liked what I liked. When I got older, mostly high school and beyond, I began to make friends with people who liked many of the same things I did, and helped get me into new fandoms. We shared. It has made me feel like I belong, and sometimes I forget what it’s like to meet people who don’t understand anything about what you love, and just think you’re kind of weird. It reminds me we’re all different, and if we weren’t, it would get boring fast.



One thought on “Becoming a Nerd

  1. I think I’m a nerd too? Mighty Ducks became my favorite movie too!! My son was 3 and I had to take our rug up in the family room so he could skate (kids roller blades) while watching the Mighty Ducks over and over and over again! I know why you and he love that movie. Hunger Games! Could not put the book down. Your blog? Amazing! So engaging and your writing is so real! Great job and you do Yoga. You are so interesting and can’t wait to read more….


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